Why Should I Be a Certified Nursing Assistant?

Are you searching the job market for a career that’s not only exciting, but stable and financially secure? If so, then you may want to consider a career as a certified nursing assistant. CNAs work alongside professional nursing and physician staff to ensure the comfort of patients while simultaneously dealing with clerical and other patient care duties. With a solid projected job growth and an attractive starting salary, being a certified nursing assistant could be the career you’ve been searching for.

Career Stability & Good Income

In today’s volatile economy, career choices have never been more important. While there are no guarantees in the longevity of a career path, you can make an educated decision by reviewing job forecasts for specific professions. According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, the job forecast for certified nursing assistants is promising. With a projected 21-percent increase in jobs by the years 2022, CNAs are among the most in-demand professions within the medical field. In our aging society, the need for highly-qualified CNAs is not expected to decline even after the projected time period.

Now let’s get down to business. While you may desire to work as a certified nursing assistant to assist in patient rehabilitation, you are likely also concerned about your take home pay. With an average annual salary of just over $25,000 per year, you an expect to live comfortably in most cities. Of course, actual salary is determined by your location. Expect salary increases as you progress through further continuing education programs.

Peak Into the Medical Field

Have you always wondered what it’s like to work in a hospital? Are you on pins-and-needles during medical-theme TV shows? If you’ve ever had a curiosity about the medical industry, but don’t want to devote the time and money to gain an advanced-level degree, then a career as a certified nursing assistant may be perfect. With educational programs that last anywhere from six months to one year, and a relatively low financial commitment, CNAs are able to sneak into the world of healthcare without the high price tag of professions such as nursing or being a physician.

Opportunity for Advancement

If you’re like most budding professionals, you wish to engage in a career with advancement options. Certified nursing assistants qualify to not only work in specialized facilities, such as nursing homes, but with solid educational foundation you’re in-line to advance your education and apply for positions such as a licensed practical nurse or a registered nurse. Although these positions require further education and certification (www.cnacertificationscoop.com), your experience as a CNA will establishes yourself as a knowledgeable professional, which is highly regarded by potential employers.